Count on Your Trusted Home Construction Specialists

Count on Your Trusted Home Construction Specialists

Residential construction services from Rockvale and Nashville, Tennessee

In addition to our ranging commercial construction services and general environmental testing services, we offer residential construction services in Rockvale and Nashville, Tennessee. Our professionals use different building strategies and techniques to ensure the final product abides by construction codes and standards. Of course, the final product will align with your vision, as well.

If you don’t need to build a new unit from scratch, we also offer remodeling and renovation services. Whether you own a condominium or a single-family home, you can trust the construction specialists at Vision Environmental & Building Services for exceptional results.

Something to think about before you remodel or renovate

Homes built before 1978 are potentially covered in toxic lead paint. If you decide to remodel or renovate your older home, make sure to choose a professional construction company that understands what it means to disturb toxic lead paint.

Our environmental testers can inspect your home and see what materials can still be used and what materials need to be tossed. Reach out to our residential construction team today, and get your project off on the right foot.